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The bhavana of Grateful Yoga and Wellness

Ishvara Pranidhana.

This last Niyama is a reflection of our journey as a whole. This is where we live our lives through what we have learned, that hard-earned wisdom, rather than live through our attachment to an outcome.

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Workshops/Special Events

Please stay tuned for upcoming workshops and special events being offered later in the year.

Private Yoga

I offer a variety of options for private yoga sessions, whether your interest is for you or for a group. Please see the links below or contact me for details.

Private Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching is a collaborative partnership with you at center. Maybe you desire change in your life, but aren't sure what it is or how to make it happen. As your coach, I am your support partner in that seeker's journey, helping you tap into your own ability to make your dreams, wishes, hopes a reality. Let's do this!

Yoga for Educators and Staff

Vinyasa-Yin Yoga classes created specifically for educators and staff, for stress management and restorative self-care, in order to release stress and tension from all the layers of our being.

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About TrulyTryshah Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching is a collaborative partnership in which we work together focusing on what you want to see happen in your life. You, and the change you desire, are at the center of all we do together.

I use the term "wellness" in the holistic sense, considering wellness to be an umbrella to key aspects of life: physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, social, love, etc..... Whether you seek to create change in your physical health, emotional health, or want to focus on your spiritual journey or your relationships (to include your relationship with yourself) all of these aspects of life are part of our complete and whole wellness.

Often times we know we want change, maybe even need change, but sorting out the details of what that is or how to make that happen can be daunting, overwhelming, confusing or a mystery. As your coach, I am here to help you take what is in your heart and head and give it a vocabulary that is meaningful to you. From there, we create a plan, a strategy, a roadmap that is actionable for you and that guides you to bringing those changes you desire to life.  Together, we tap into your own innate power and ability to take action in cultivating the life you want to live at this time in your journey.

This isn't easy work, which I believe is why it is so valuable and why it is important to have a partner to help in this process of discovery and integration. When we are truly ready to live our dreams, that mix of our heartfelt wishes and hopes, we seek the path that will lead us there and we step into the unknown, ready to start the work of creation. I am truly honored to do this with you, being a witness to the beautiful transformation that can happen when we are ready. 

Send me an email or sign up for a complimentary 30 minute discussion about wellness coaching and how it can work for you. I am excited to hear from you. 

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"Aum represents everything – the beginning, the middle and the end, the past, the present and the future. It encompasses all sounds – mankind, nature, machinery … it is the hum of the earth"

Mandukya Upanishad

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Being the change, changes the being

Through my experiential wisdoms, coupled with the wisdom of my soul and the wisdom I have gained as a witness to the journey of those around me, I work to cultivate a harmonious life. I am mindful of how I live my life, of my energetic presence and what I manifest, and try to maintain homeostasis and balance in all aspects of my being. This commitment to this kind of balance is what I bring with me to class and to you.

I have been exploring yoga since 1996, and have earned my 500 hour RYT certification. I am also a certified Wellness Coach and have been an RN for over 20 years.  

It is my mission to be steadfast in my commitment to actively co-create an intentional, compassionate community of inclusivity and belonging, that bridges, honors, and celebrates all people. I will be a co-creator and holder of Safe Space and Sanctuary. As a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher, I offer Yoga from a place of safety.

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"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop."


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Tryshah also offers yoga in partnership with Beloved Yoga Sanctuary in Reston, Virginia, PIES Yoga in Alexandria, Virginia, Rising Sol Hot Yoga Studio in Alexandria, Virginia and with Fairfax County.

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